Here’s a quick overview of some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have additional questions please e-mail us at

How do I determine what system is best for my operations?

There are two Prophesy OnDemand editions, Carrier and Broker. Carrier Edition is generally suited for for-hire carriers and private fleets, and Broker Edition contains features for trucking brokerages.

How can you retrieve a customer order fulfilled several weeks or months ago?

Order browsing within Prophesy OnDemand is extremely flexible. Virtually any detail of the transaction will provide a view to a range of shipments. The order is identified very quickly and any detail required by the customer can be immediately communicated.

What does Prophesy OnDemand offer for ACE compliance?

With the Prophesy OnDemand ACE module you can submit required data to U.S. Customs and Border Protection through a fast and secure web connection. In addition, there is two-way communication from Prophesy OnDemand to the border and back to you the carrier.

What kind of reports can our software create?

Prophesy OnDemand offers a host of industry standard reports that provide the information to help you better manage your business, profitability and trending. In addition, our staff will work with you to create custom reports to meet your specific requirements.

Will Prophesy OnDemand store spot quotes and proposals that have been offered to customers?

Yes. The software will maintain rate proposals by customer and provide access to tariff schedules on the fly. This allows for detailed professional proposals and consistent pricing to be communicated to customers quickly.

How much training is required?

Typically, a new user of Prophesy OnDemand is entering orders within one hour of program installation. Training is a snap through our online training/help tools.

What sets Prophesy OnDemand apart from competing products?

Whether consolidating, de-consolidating or both, our software allows many-to-many transactions as opposed to the one-to-many logic supported by other programs. This means you can have complete cost and revenue allocation within an LTL environment.

Will Prophesy OnDemand integrate with my accounting package?

Yes. We can integrate with virtually any accounting software that can accept a transactional AR/AP file. Customers are already using our software with several popular packages including QuickBooks, Accountmate, AccPac, Peachtree, Simply, MYOB, Great Plains and New Views.