Dickman Farms, LLC Gains Truck Tracking and Reporting Capabilities with Accellos’ Prophesy OnDemand Cloud Trucking Solution

Case study illustrates how the New York-based garden center and agricultural hauler moved from a competing product to Accellos’ cloud-based trucking software solution in short time with no expensive hardware investments or implementation challenges

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – May 11, 2012 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has released a case study of its customer Dickman Farms, LLC. The study illustrates how the New York-based garden center and agricultural hauler moved from a competing product to Accellos’ cloud trucking software solution, Prophesy OnDemand. Following is a synopsis of the case study.


Dickman Farms, LLC, a family-run business established in 1903 in Auburn, New York, operates a sprawling greenhouse and garden center operation encompassing 400,000 square feet of covered land and six acres of outdoor production area. Additionally, the company runs a seasonal combination common carrier/private fleet, primarily hauling plants and plant material during their high season and dairy products in the off-season. It employs over one hundred workers, including temporary and seasonal help.


Before inquiring about Prophesy OnDemand, Dickman Farms had been using a competing product that they were not satisfied with, as it lacked in reporting features, had many “bugs” and was not intuitive to use. The company also faced IFTA fuel tax issues due to inconsistencies within the program. After reviewing a number of solutions, Dickman’s decision makers identified Prophesy OnDemand as the forerunner due to its rich feature set and low-cost monthly subscription.


Implementation and setup were easy for the Dickman Farms Team. Bruce worked with Accellos Implementation Consultant Kim Manzone on the product and found that OnDemand was intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal help to get started. While setting up the software, they were able to integrate the commercial mileage and fuel tax interfaces with OnDemand, making the process simple and easy to pick up.


Dickman Farms signed on as an OnDemand customer in September 2011. The company uses Prophesy OnDemand Carrier Edition with added interfaces for commercial mileage and routing and IFTA fuel tax reporting. Especially noticeable improvements in daily operations included the addition of a revenue per-mile report as well as the ability to pull reports that help keep track of truck activity.

“With Prophesy OnDemand, we are able to track our trucks with ease. This makes adding trucks and expanding the business a simple task,” said Bruce Custer, Dickman Farms’ Safety and Compliance Officer.

“Dickman Farms is a great example of a technology trend we are seeing with small and midsized transportation companies,” said Bill Ashburn, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Transportation Solutions at Accellos. “Small and midsized trucking companies like Dickman Farms who utilize cloud-based solutions are able to access full featured trucking software that implements quickly and results in measurable improvements in transportation operations.”

The full case study can be read at http://blog.accellos.com/customers/dickman-farms-llc.

About Prophesy OnDemand

Prophesy OnDemand is a web-based, pay-as-you-go dispatch solution geared toward smaller trucking companies and brokerages. Prophesy OnDemand’s robust functionality covers Dispatch, Accounting, Rating, LTL, Cross-docking, Reporting, EDI, Mileage and Routing, and IFTA Fuel Tax among other helpful capabilities. Prophesy OnDemand has the ability to handle multiple currencies, giving the end user the ability to use this program effectively in the U.S. and Canada.

About Accellos

Accellos is a global provider of software solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of logistics service providers and midsized businesses. Over 3,000 companies trust Accellos to be the technology backbone of their global supply chains. Accellos provides solutions for warehouse management systems (WMS), third party logistics (3PL), fleet management, transportation management systems (TMS), trading partner integration (EDI), automated barcode data collection, parcel shipping, transportation optimization and supply chain business intelligence. Accellos solutions are built on the AccellosOne platform, a modern technology platform featuring a user-friendly interface and simplified technical administration. For more information, email info (at) accellos.com or visit www.accellos.com.

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