Prophesy Releases Case Study of KCG Transport, LLC.

Family-run start-up benefits from Broker, Carrier versions of Prophesy OnDemand

Prophesy has released a case study of its customer KCG Transport, LLC. This profile illustrates how this family-run, start-up company continues to benefit from Prophesy OnDemand Broker version and Carrier version.

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KCG Transport, LLC was founded by Wade Koch in May of 2011. The company opened a brokerage office in Flower Mound, Texas, as well as a headquarters in Leonardtown, Maryland, with only two employees: Wade Koch and his father Herb Koch.

This newly founded, family-run company was developed by two men with many years of experience in the trucking industry. Before opening KCG Transport with Wade Koch, Herb Koch owned a brokerage named Continental Freight. Continental Freight was sold in the early 1990’s, prior to Koch’s retirement. After 15 years, Herb Koch decided to jump back into the industry and approached his son Wade about running a new business, which they chose to call KCG Transport. To get the company up and running, Herb Koch quickly began contacting old customers and dove into dispatching while Wade took full control of business logistics and management.

KCG Transport serves the lower 48 states and works with major steel companies across North America. The company hires out hundreds of carriers specializing in not only full load, but LTL shipments as well. Although KCG Transport primarily hauls steel, the company also hauls other flatbed freight upon request. “Our business hauls 99 percent steel freight but will ship any flatbed, drop deck, or lowboy freight that we’re asked to, including machinery and lumber,” explained Wade Koch, Chief Executive Officer and Owner.

When the company began brokering, it consisted solely of the father and son pair. A few months later, KCG Transport added a carrier division and hired one driver; at this time the company also began leasing its first truck. Today, KCG Transport is made up of six employees — Wade and Herb Koch as well as two drivers, one dispatcher and one administrator.

The KCG Transport staff started browsing for software as soon as the company started up. Wade and Herb knew right away that that there was no way the duo could handle dispatching and managing the company’s files without a software solution.

KCG Transport needed the complete package, and Prophesy OnDemand offered that. The program impressed KCG Transport with its robust ability to dispatch, interface and manage customer information. Having a system that is completely web-based was important to Wade. Another important aspect of the program was its ability to handle document management. Wade also knew that he needed to invest in a program that offered flexibility because he did not want to be bound by the software. After thoroughly researching Prophesy OnDemand, Wade was convinced that it was the perfect solution for KCG Transport and did not hesitate to subscribe.

KCG Transport subscribed to a two-user Prophesy OnDemand Brokerage version in June 2011 and added a subscription for a two-user Carrier version in September 2011. Wade said, “The integration between the two Prophesy OnDemand web-based modules that KCG runs is seamless. We use separate profit centers that flow together well and make it seem like there are absolutely no differences between the two.” KCG also uses the Quickbooks® integration which works flawlessly with the company’s previous accounting methods. Additionally, KCG Transport uses the PC Miler Interface.

Following the finalization of KCG Transport’s Prophesy OnDemand subscription, employees began product training with Prophesy Training and Implementation Consultant Kim Manzone, over the phone and Internet. “Prophesy OnDemand is a really intuitive program. It is so easy to use that we only had a few questions during our formal training. The user manual is a big help. It allowed us to get a jump start on learning the program before our training sessions began and has helped us with any other questions we have had since,” explained Wade.

“Our initial results were much better than we had anticipated,” Wade stated. After using Prophesy OnDemand for only a few days, the KCG Transport staff realized the program offered much more functionality than they had originally expected. The reporting function really caught Wade’s eye. “This solution is very well developed and the reporting functions are great. We can tell that the developer thought about every intricate detail of the solution from beginning to end. I can’t say there’s anything missing,” Wade continued.

KCG Transport expects growth in the near future. They hope to add a new truck and driver to their business every three to four months. “As long as the freight business stays up, the company will grow,” assured Wade. “With the help of Prophesy OnDemand, we will be able to grow in an organized fashion. I admit that we would be blind without this solution.”

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