Virtual Dispatch On-line Dispatch System Now Integrates with QuickBooks© On-line Accounting

Virtual Dispatch is pleased to announce the integration of Excelerate Live, their completely web-based dispatch system for Carriers, Brokers and 3PLs, with QuickBooks Online (QBOE) accounting system.

With the integration of Virtual Dispatch online dispatch system and QBOE, the client has a save and secure access to transfer their accounts receivable and accounts payable information from the Virtual Dispatch online dispatch system into QBOE accounting system. Customer and Carrier information such as address, phone number and contacts can also be transferred from QBOE into the Virtual Dispatch online to speed up the set up of the dispatch database. This enables a transportation company to run a complete remote office.

Michael Januszewski, President of Virtual Dispatch, commented, “Virtual Dispatch has been part of the Intuit Development Partnership program since 2001. All of our products integrate with Intuit QuickBooks© products such as QuickBooks© Pro, Premier and now it only made sense that we integrate our online dispatch system with their online financial accounting system.  We are committed to our believe that software as a service is a good solution and we want to offer as many online tools as possible in order to help our users.”

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