Accellos offers an ACE Compliance System through our partnership with CrimsonLogic

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) for highway carriers is quickly approaching and will change the way highway shipments are processed and handled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The ACE project is part of a modernization plan, which requires electronic manifest submissions from highway carriers to U.S. Customs one hour before the truck reaches the first port in the United States or 30 minutes prior for FAST shipments.

ACE speeds the flow of legitimate trade and cargo entry processing and provides carrier participants with electronic authorization to move cargo through the U.S. border.

Our Prophesy OnDemand ACE module enables carriers to submit the required data to U.S. Customs and Border Protection through a fast and secure Internet connection. Data from your Prophesy OnDemand system can be seamlessly transferred to U.S. Customs giving you much greater efficiencies in data processing, and allowing for two-way communication from Prophesy OnDemand to the border and back to you the carrier.

ACE Contact Information:

CrimsonLogic Inc:
24/7 Help Line
Tel: 1.877.763.6887
When you call or e-mail CrimsonLogic make sure you give your user ID and the transmission number.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection:
Donna Gordon, Blaine, WA
Tel:  360.332.2664
Fax:  360.332.2361

Buffalo, NY (716) 626-0400 ext. 308 or 309
When you call Customs mention you are an Prophesy OnDemand customer on CrimsonLogic and give them your ACE user number.

ACE Secure Data Portal: